H.H.G.B. is out to make a statement.

After many years of Hip Hop culture and its community bearing the burden of blame of deteriorating and demoralizing the world, HipHopGivesBack.com will be the premiere catalyst committed to cultivating the awareness of the positive efforts, endeavors,and accomplishments of Hip Hop Culture and its communities.

Members of this Hip Hop generation are incessantly exposed and put on display when they have been observed by the media demonstrating negative behavior. Rarely are they given positive feedback or aptly rewarded for their philanthropic accomplishments worldwide. Hip Hop did not create present world issues. However, it is noticeable that our culture has become a scapegoat to blame for much negativity exhibited.

HipHopGivesBack.com is here to remove negative reinforcements that have been placed upon Hip Hop Culture and its communities by bringing you stories of programs, events and priceless moments that are the result of positivity within.

H.H.G.B. will solidify itself as more than jaded news stories and commentary. We are now ourown media. The truth behind the movement will now be readily available to the masses.

We are all Hip Hop, and give back in our own way. H.H.G.B is out to make a statement that shines light on the ultimate balance of what our culture represents.

Giving Back…

What’s the purpose, the objective, the over all reason why anyone would want to http://www.buyprovigilonline.com do such a thing you ask…because you’ve been blessed enough in your life to experience some sort of greatness… and you should share that feeling with those in need.

Everyday in our communities we come across situations that require change, action and/or improvement. If each one of us brought into the concept of helping each other, we would indeed be a stronger society? Yes? That is fact.

The purpose of this site…this MOVEMENT is to motivate that change, to aspire greatness…to showcase what you don’t know because it’s never talked about. The purpose of this site is to achieve those things within ourselves and for ourselves that we’ve for too long waited for someone else to do.

This is empowerment…this is change…this is us.

In a year where so little means so much to many, we have to go back to the days of taking care of our own, and by our own I do not mean color boundaries…I mean our own neighborhoods, our own children…our own future. All of us who embrace this culture we call HIP-HOP.

Stand with us as we direct and reflect positive change in relation to the depiction of our culture. Hip-Hop is our culture. YES? It’s not just about the music or the artist…it’s about the artistic flavor that represents US as a society…

I am encouraged by the latest Coca-Cola ads that speak of Black History, where you hear the young people state proudly that they know they are Black History–and ask the question “Do You?” Well do you…do you recognize that you each day you grow into the person you were destined to be you represent a portion of our HISTORY…

Don’t let our legacy be over-shadowed by gun play and gang violence. Don’t let our legacy be showcased as ignorant, selfless individuals who would rather sell drugs and waste away in penal institutions then continue on with schooling and become what we were told we never could be…Don’t let your inability to believe in yourself, hinder you from BEING YOURSELF…

Don’t miss your opportunity to GIVE BACK…

By: DetricGoss

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