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Killer Mike Continues to Show His Unwavering Support for Bernie Sanders


Throughout the 2016 presidential election season, Atlanta emcee Killer Mike is now known to be one of Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders’ most prominent supporters. Last month, when Bernie Sanders spoke at Morehouse College, a historically Black college in Atlanta, GA, Killer Mike introduced him and was also spotted at a soul food restaurant near the institution with Sanders. Killer Mike’s support of Bernie continued recently as he introduced the presidential candidate at Claflin University, another HBCU located in South Carolina. In this powerful and teary-eyed introduction, Killer Mike focuses on why Bernie is the best candidate for Black voters. He uses two videos as an example that display the incidents of young Black voters interrupting campaign speeches at a Bernie Sanders rally, opposed to this happening at a Hillary Clinton rally, the rival Democratic Presidential Candidate. As the young women approach Bernie’s stand during his speech, Bernie politely shakes their hands, smiles, and hands the microphone over to give them a chance to get their point across. When a young Black girl interrupts Hillary Clinton’s speech at a private campaign rally, she is told to “Shut up”, and “I’ll talk to you later” by the candidate and then escorted away from her. 

Readers can access the video HERE:

Killer Mike uses this example as a testament to how Bernie Sanders cares for Black people and their issues. He also adds how Sanders has been fighting with Black Americans for over 50 years, dating back to the Civil Rights Movement. Killer Mike, along with other big Sanders supporters have been passionate about relaying the message to Black voters all over the U.S that Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that they need to be voting for. As the polls continue to rage due to primary elections, it will be interesting to see how Black voters are rocking the vote with the help of Killer Mike and others who are encouraging us to “Feel the Bern” 


By: Eboni Dawn (@ebbonitapplebum)

Nation of Islam Promises to Provide Protection at Beyonce’s Formation World Tour


(Photo from Counter Current News)

Beyonce is back at it again. Earlier this month, she shocked the world and her fans by releasing a video for her new Black power pop anthem, ‘Formation’. The ‘Formation’ video sparked lots of controversy, due to lyrics and imagery that spoke directly towards her Blackness and stance on current political issues such as #BlackLivesMatter. She sings about “liking her baby with baby hair and afros” and “mixing that negro with that Creole to make a Texas bama”. The video even ends with an important image of Beyonce laying on top of a police car while it’s sinking in the Bayou of Louisiana. Days after the release of the video, Beyonce performed her hit at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, where her backup dancers were dressed as Black Panthers, threw up the Black power fist, and topped it all off with a ‘Formation’ world tour announcement.

Like the ‘Formation’ video, the performance at the Super Bowl caused just as much conversation. Many sources and critics didn’t know how to handle Beyonce embracing her blackness so they attacked her, by saying her performance was “racist”, menacing and a threat to the police. The outcome of her performance caused a boycott from several police departments such as ones in Miami, Tampa, and Tennessee. These departments are refusing to provide services and purchase tickets to Beyonce’s tour when it comes to their cities.

In response to these boycotts, the honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has vowed for the Nation of Islam to provide protection at Beyonce’s Formation tour. During the keynote speech at The Nation of Islam’s Saviour’s Day 2016, Farrakhan states “You’re gonna picket, you’re not gonna offer police protection, but the FOI will.” Farrakhan’s support of Beyonce is a great example of how ‘Formation’ isn’t really a song for everyone. In 2016, A Black artists, especially one like Beyonce shouldn’t be denied security due to capitalizing on their heritage and culture through artistry. All of the negativity circulating about the song and video are from those who do not understand it. By Beyonce celebrating her Blackness, she gets ridiculed by the same outlets who speak highly of her when she is performing other songs about love, heartache, and girl power. 

Beyonce’s Formation World Tour tickets are on sale now (good luck on finding those), and there are rumors of even more music and videos from Beyonce dropping in the near future!


By: Eboni Dawn (@ebbonitapplebum)


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