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Diddy Drops Knowledge on Future CEOs

According to Black Enterprise, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs partnered with Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), in April.  NFTE is a nonprofit that educates at-risk youth on entrepreneurship.
Sean John, Comb’s fashion company, sponsors NFTE’s World Series of Innovation. This is an annual event that encourages youth to create innovative products and services. He has supported NFTE’s Dare to Dream Auction by offering up business advice/mentorship. Diddy has not only donated his time, but he also donated $250,000 to the nonprofit.
With him being the top Hip Hop artist on the Forbes list, I think we all can believe him when he offered these words of encouragement to the youth, “Hold onto your dreams, because hard work pays off.”
Good to see Diddy using his success to make a difference and continuing to inspire the youth!


We’re on our Grind to End Gun & Gang Crime




headerThis Summer join Power 105.1 and the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council for the 3rd Annual Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Week followed by 105 Power Events over 105 Power Days through the “7 E’s 4 Power” Tour created to help end gun & gang violence.

Our Goals
  1. To reduce Gun Murders and Shootings over the 96-hour Memorial Day Weekend Period, and between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day, with a focus on Public Housing.
  2. To build bridges with Gang Leaders that will lead to: the reduction of gun and gang violence; the reduction of recruitment of minors to join gangs; providing resources to gang members looking to start a new life.
  3. To establish Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Projects; train “Community Ambassadors 4 Peace” and organize “Solution Teams” to end gun and gang violence in schools and communities.
  4. To change the mental thought process of our participants who are desensitized to violence thanks to TV, films, videogames, the internet and music with negative lyrics.
  5. To teach our children, youth and young adults the reason why Hip-Hop was created and their social responsibility to the culture.
  6. To take guns off the street through new innovative gun buy-back projects while improving relations between law enforcement agencies and the community.
  7. To obtain 1,000,105 signatures for our Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Project over the 105-day campaign period.
  8. To find Corporate, Celebrity and Elected Official Partners for our School & Community Center Adoption Project that are willing to provide discounts on merchandise and services, as well as resources to empower students, youth and young adults year-round.
  9. To create partnerships with the United Nations and their 194 member countries to help reduce gun and gang violence by bringing services and resources to crime infested communities in America and abroad.
  10. To find and/or create funding opportunities that will allow us to operate and expand our program.



2 Chainz Heads to Michigan for Canned Goods Charity Event

The rapper hosts #2CansFor2Chainz at Ypsilanti’s Puffer Red’s.

Ludacris Gives Back $20K to Alma Mater during LudaDay Weekend 2013

Ludacris 655 x 410

LudaDay Weekend returns to the A for the eighth year with a weekend full of parties, promos and thankfully philanthropy!  Luda donated $20,000 to his alma mater during a pep rally at Banneker High School and specifically the ‘Live Real Change’ ( initiative and their non-for-profit partner, Adopt-A-Classroom.  This donation will help provide the necessary resources for the classrooms, contributing to the education of the students.  Ludacris will also continue to his work with Live Real Change as he has signed on to be apart of The Real Change Project Season 2.   Through this philanthropic venture Luda aims to emphasize the importance of education to achieve your dreams.

For more information on Live Real Change and Ludacris’ involvement visit:



Big Sean Gives Lucky Fan Chance to Win a Night at the MTV Music Awards #HHGB

Big Sean Chain

Big Sean’s, “Sean Anderson Foundation”, has teamed up with P Tones Records and launched a fundraising competition on, to grant one lucky fan and supporter of the foundation to “Win a Night at the MTV Music Awards”.  Entrants only have to make a donation to the Sean Anderson Foundation by August 19th, 2013.  The proceeds will go to Sean Anderson Foundation to assist in funding bringing P Tones Records and their free afterschool recording studio music program to Detroit.

PTones Records

The afterschool program allows students and interns the opportunity towards creating an album, mixtape, music videos, t-shirt, live concert.   Through partnerships with colleges, universities and music related companies, students who excel through P’Tones curriculum are recommended for internships and scholarships, where eligible.  PTones have established branches in Miami, Harlem and Washington D.C. .For more information on the PTones program, visit

To make a donation and enter the contest to “Win a Night at the MTV Music Awards”, log-on to and donate by August 19th!




165806Waka Flocka Flame has been an unlikely advocate for peace, but an advocate nonetheless. After appearing in PETA ads to help fight violence against animals, Waka is now concentrating on people. Flocka is set to host an anti-violence concert in Chicago, in conjunction with United In Peace INC. The concert’s aim is to help reduce the harrowing violence that Chicago has seen over the past few years.


Ryan Cameron’s Annual Father Daughter Dance

2013 Flyer

School House Rapping With Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA

Legendary hip-hop artist raps about science in his new album and brings that message to schools. Upload your own science rap for a chance to win a shout-out from GZA.

NEW YORK — In his upcoming solo album, “Dark Matter,” Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA raps about the Big Bang — the moment that the sun, moon, stars, planets and all matter contained within sprung from chaos, from nothing.

The legendary rapper performed the new material at Bronx Compass High School, where he hopes to pique students’ interest in science by introducing hip-hop to the lesson plan. In an area where test scores are low and students often disengaged, it’s his own attempt to bring order to the chaos.

“It’s inspired by science.” GZA told the students. “And it’s all about the universe.”

GZA has teamed up with Columbia University Teachers College professorChristopher Emdin and ten New York City public schools to use hip-hop to teach everything from biology to physics.

The project is music to ninth grader Keegan Dillion’s ears. “I had lost my passion for science, but now that they’re mixing it up with music, I actually feel I can get an A-plus.”

The musical experiment, called Science Genius B.A.T.T.L.E.S., is the brainchild of Emdin, who believes the curriculum will address low tests scores, especially among Latino and African American students who comprise 70 percent of New York City’s student body. (B.A.T.T.L.E.S. stands for Bring Attention to Transforming Teaching, Learning and Engagement in Science.)

“This is a response to achievement gaps in science and mathematics,” Emdin said. “It is a response to students’ disinterest in science, and more broadly to kids just not wanting to show up in school.”

Under Emdin’s direction, graduate students from Teachers College work closely with students on their science raps. The raps must rhyme, and the science must be solid. Then student finalists battle each other in an end-of-semester contest, which gets judged by GZA and published on the popular online site, “Rap Genius.”

Emdin rejects the notion that the hip-hop approach is a gimmick and believes the students will come away with a firm understanding of the scientific concepts.

“There are a lot of fly-by-night approaches to improve the classrooms, and the one thing they lack is cultural authenticity,” he said. Hip-hop is firmly rooted in urban culture, and GZA, he said, “is the consummate cultural ambassador.”

Excerpt from the album, “Dark Matter” by GZA
Before space and time, thought produced a speck of light
It was infinitely hot and so extremely bright.
Within the center of this great shining,
There was massive energy expanding in great timing.
Within this fireball was all of space,
A very special place with information and taste.
Literally the beginning, this cosmic clock was ticking
And allowed space to flow before spinning.
Everything we see around us: the sun, the moon, the stars,
Are millions of worlds that astound us
The universe in size was hard to fathom.
It was composed in a region small as a single atom,
Less than one-trillionth the size the point of a pen,
Microscopic but on a macro level within.


3rd Annual Pretty Girls Rock

It’s that time again Traci Steele Presents The 3rd Annual Pretty Girls Rock(PGR) Art, Music and Fashion.

This event all about WOMEN in the field of artistry. There will be exhibits from female canvas painters,

fashion designers and there will also be female musicians and DJ’s.
Save the date and make sure you’re at Horizon Furniture and Gallery with the hottest socialites,

tastemakers, publicists, bloggers and magazine reps in Atlanta.

APRIL 25TH 7p-11p

@ Horizon Furniture & Gallery

1611 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd Atlanta GA 30318

Egypts Prom Wish

desert jewel genie costume zoom3 EGYPT’S PROM WISHIn 103 words or less tell Egypt why you deserve to be selected for this very exciting contest. The ten winners of the Ultimate Prom Wish will receive: