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Chris Brown Launching Foundation; Giving Back to Teens and the Arts!

Singer Chris Brown is reportedly planning to hand out financial grants to programs which educate teenagers about the arts. It’s a chivalric fit for the Brown who has a passion for the arts in dancing, music and acting and who began his career at age 14.

The “Don’t Judge Me” Grammy winner is launching  his own organization to grant money thru the Symphonic Love Foundation, which will fund creative projects for young people. reports that Brown will be announce his new foundation tomorrow, and a source adds, “Chris wanted to focus on supporting arts programs because art has been such an integral part of his life. It’s been a way for him to express who he is ever since he was a young child. He’s been quietly painting for years and sees it as a positive outlet for low income children.

“Chris has been extremely generous with both his finances and time with his foundation. He really wanted to find an effective way to help children and teens… This will be one of the most active foundations established by anyone in his generation. He will be actively engaging with young people and his fans with it.”


12-12-12 Concert for Sandy relief

Starting at 7:30 p.m. EST, on December 12, “12-12-12,” The Concert for Sandy Relief, will be broadcast live from Madison Square Garden via a global network of US and International television stations, Clear Channel radio stations and leading web sites.Check the listings below to see where to tune in to watch or listen to this legendary event.








Texans WR Andre Johnson drops $19K on toy shopping spree for charity

Here’s an NFL story designed to warm your heart and terrify your wallet. Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson, one of the league’s unquestioned good guys, on Tuesday performed what’s becoming an annual ritual for him: a Toys “R” Us shopping spree for at-risk youth in Houston.

Johnson’s Foundation, the Andre Johnson Charitable Foundation, funded the spree, in which 12 children selected by Child Protective Services had 80 seconds to fill up their carts with as many toys as they could. And oh, could they fill those carts.

“You hear a minute and twenty seconds, and you don’t think that’s a long time, but you’d be surprised by what these kids can put into their buckets,” Johnson said afterward. You can see his gargantuan receipt in the photo at right.

The children, ranging in ages from 8 to 16, have all suffered parental abuse in some form and now live with extended family members. But each child made sure to purchase toys for siblings and other relatives as well.

Johnson’s foundation performs several works throughout the year for children in both Houston and Johnson’s Miami hometown. But he told the team’s website that it’s the Toys “R” Us event that he enjoys the most.

“I think it’s probably the best one because you get to see the kids really enjoy it,” he said. “That’s what this season is about.  It’s something I look forward to. The kids are happy, they get what they want for Christmas, and that’s all that matters.”

After the spree, Johnson also joined the Houston Police Department’s Blue Santa program to surprise 800 students at Houston’s Bastian Elementary School with Christmas presents.

Johnson stressed that he had traveled the path many of these kids were on, and he hoped they could learn from his example: “I grew up in a single-parent home and I was fortunate to achieve my goals,” he said. “So, whatever goals you have, just keep them out in front of you, don’t let anybody distract you away from them, because there will be distractions that try to detour you away from your goals. That’s the biggest thing.”

Alicia Keys raises $1.3M at gala, honors Winfrey

alicia keys

NEW YORK (AP) — During the auction portion of Alicia Keys’ Black Ball Redux, one man was ready to jump his bid from $100,000 to $250,000 for a trip to South Africa — if Keys would join him and his friends.

“I’ll go for a little more,” Keys said Thursday night at the Apollo Theater, where her charity’s annual gala was held.

The man — pharmaceutical billionaire Stewart Rahr — didn’t raise his bid, but he later pledged $1 million to Keep a Child Alive, helping the R&B singer raise more than $1.3 million.

Keys’ charity assists those affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. Thursday’s event was originally planned for Nov. 1, but was canceled due to Superstorm Sandy.

“There are places in the world where Keep a Child Alive serves where they have a Hurricane Sandy every day,” Keys said in an interview on the red carpet. “They don’t have electricity, they don’t have heat … and that made me more invigorated to make sure this Black Ball happened.”

Keys honored Oprah Winfrey at the event for the entrepreneur’s philanthropic efforts, including her school, The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa, which launched in 2007.

“It’s a universal truth, Oprah makes change happen,” Keys said.

Winfrey said she was honored to receive an award from Keys, and that it confirms she’s “moving in the right direction.”

“You try to keep a child alive and I try to educate them as best as I can,” Winfrey said onstage.

Before that, a video played onscreen detailing the launch of Winfrey’s school and how the mogul struggled in her early years, riding on a bus with maids from the inner city to the suburbs to attend a better high school.

“When I look at Africans girls I see myself,” 58-year-old Winfrey said. “I continue to work for them to have the same opportunities that I have. ”

Beninese singer Angélique Kidjo was also honored and she joined Keys onstage for some upbeat, drum-filled numbers.

Bonnie Raitt also performed, as she and Keys sang a duet version of her slow groove “I Just Can’t Make You Love Me.” Keys said it was “one of my dreams to sing” with Raitt.

Jennifer Hudson and Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes also hit the stage, where Whoopi Goldberg worked as the night’s emcee.

“I read ’50 Shades of Grey’ so I stay away from paddles,” Goldberg said when the auction began.


Former NBA All-Star Alonzo Mourning Joins Congressional Kidney Caucus to Discuss Future of Kidney Care

Seven-time NBA All-Star Alonzo Mourning joined with representatives of Kidney Care Partners (KCP), a broad-based coalition and leading voice of the kidney community, on Capitol Hill yesterday to announce significant improvements in patient care outcomes and urge Congress to maintain its commitment to dialysis patients by refraining from enacting any additional funding cuts or further restructuring the Medicare End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) benefit.

Mourning, a member of the 2006 NBA championship Miami Heat team, received a kidney transplant in 2003 after being diagnosed with Focal Glomerulosclerosis, a degenerative kidney disease, in 2000. Mourning returned to the NBA following his transplant and has since been an advocate for kidney patients nationwide. Mourning has partnered with KCP on several advocacy efforts to improve kidney patients’ quality of care and quality of life.

Mourning and KCP members told lawmakers that any additional cuts to the Medicare ESRD benefit would be ill-advised and could negatively affect the future of kidney care at a time when the community is making measurable improvements in improving survival while still implementing a new bundled payment system and grappling with previously imposed cuts.

During the briefing, KCP announced the results to date of its three-year campaign to improve survivability of first-year dialysis patients, illustrating a significant, 12.3 percent decline in mortality. With the launch of the Performance Excellence and Accountability in Kidney Care (PEAK) Campaign in June 2009, members of KCP committed to reducing mortality in first-year dialysis patients. The Campaign focused on patient education and key clinical care activities to achieve its goal, including case management, nutrition, anemia management, dialysis adequacy, catheter use, and psychological and social support.

To monitor progress toward the goal, PEAK’s Data Partner, Dr. Vincent Mor of Brown University, who presented the results today, and the PEAK Data/Results Panel, comprised of data and research experts from academic and research institutions, dialysis providers, and manufacturers, reviewed “real time” data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) since the launch of PEAK.  Dr. Mor reported on results from data through June 2012.

“A reduction of 12.3 percent is pretty substantial and speaks well for this effort that the kidney community voluntarily challenged itself to do,” said Dr. Mor.  “According to the data, based on the numbers of new patients with kidney failure in 2010, the decline represents an estimated 3,480 patients whose lives have been extended.”

“National outcomes demonstrate that dialysis delivery and survival are improving despite the cuts and the distinct challenges of caring for patients with such complex medical needs,” said Dr. Ed Jones, a nephrologist and former KCP Chairman. “We are proud that the U.S. kidney care community is helping these Americans live longer, healthier, and more productive lives.”

Each year, more than 100,000 Americans are diagnosed with kidney failure, a number that continues to rise with the aging of the population and the increasing prevalence of its risk factors including diabetes and high blood pressure. Today, more than 31 million Americans are living with chronic kidney disease (CKD), which if left untreated, can ultimately progress to kidney failure. About 415,000 patients aren’t fortunate enough to receive a kidney transplant and rely on life-saving dialysis care three times per week for three to four hours each time to filter toxins from their blood. In addition to dialysis, they receive nursing care, medications, lab work, nutritional support and other important services.

KCP is an alliance of patient advocates, dialysis professionals, care providers and manufacturers dedicated to working together to improve quality of care for individuals with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). To learn more about Kidney Care Partners, visit . To join the kidney health policy conversation, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube . To learn more about the Performance Excellence and Accountability in Kidney Care (PEAK) Campaign, visit .

Trinidad James Gives Back with Poems Over Pistols Organization!

Gold all in my watch, gold all in my chain… If you know the rest then you, like most of the world has been hip to the Gold Gang  and the up and coming Atlanta artist Trinidad James. Not yet signed to a major label James has been making his way across the country performing at sold out shows, doing media interviews and meeting with record executives. With all the fanfare heading his way, the Trinidad native made some time to give back with the organization Poems over Pistols!

The Poems Over Pistols (P.O.P) Program seeks to open the minds of the teens and give them a sense of where their anger is rooted from. It  then teaches them creative methods to redirect their anger when in a verbal altercation before it becomes physical. There are 7 methods of the P.O.P. program and it will teach kids to use these methods to turn their pain and anger into song, poem, or rap. POP methods include the POP Lock, Remote Control, Sponging, Baseline, Silent Chant, Creative Control, and Spray It.

The POP Program feature poetry, rapping, singing, acting and short stories during the session. Some of the biggest rap superstars, like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne, use one of the methods of creating and retaining songs in their head. P.O.P is effective with all kids regardless of their background or race because this program has music involved in every POP method.

If your child has anger management issues and you are based in the Atlanta area, this may be a program you’ll want to check out. For more information on Poems Over Pistols visit

Cam Newton donates $150K to three Charlotte area schools

Cam Newton has launched a new initiative to benefit three Charlotte area schools. Through his charitable foundation which bears his name, Newton made a  $150,000 donation to the schools in attempt to help boost school spirit and achievement.

Bradley Middle School in Huntersville, Thomasboro Academy and Randolph Middle School in Charlotte each received $50,000.

The donations were made with the purpose of developing customized programs to enhance cultural environment, as well as increase student achievement, boost student engagement, and advance health and wellness, the Christian Post reports.

The initiative is all a part of the foundation’s “School Pride Program,” which also has famous sports game developer EA Sports as a partner.

Cam didn’t just donate funds. Tuesday, he appeared at Randolph Middle School, speaking for 30 minutes in front of a packed gym of 450 students, according to the Charlotte Observer. (Students from the other schools were present, too)

“It’s not something I was forced to do,” Newton  told the Charlotte Observer. “I wanted to do that.”

Newton says he wants to develop a relationship with the schools and see how the kids are doing.

He spoke with football teams at Bradley and Randolph, inviting the quarterback of each squad to join him on the gym floor. He also called academic, science and Special Olympic award winners down from the bleachers, asked students questions and shared jokes.

The scene was a far cry from what followed a tough Panthers loss earlier in the season.  According to reports, Newton was smiling and ‘in his element’.

TheGrio: Cam Newton to launch clothing line

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Source: The Grio

Nick Cannon Gives Back In Charlotte

Celebrity Nick Cannon was in Charlotte Monday cheering up some kids in our area.

The host of ‘America’s Got Talent’—and better half of Mariah Carey—made stops at the Ronald McDonald House and Levine Children’s Hospital as part of the Celebrity Charity Wishes Bears for Buddies Program.

Families with sick children were given everyday items that they may need and the kids received teddy bears.

“Putting smiles on the faces of young people—it’s a beautiful holiday season, the time of giving.  But I always feel like no matter what time of year it is, to whom much is given, much is required. It’s a blessing to be able to give,” Cannon said.

50 Cent Gives Back By Serving Thanksgiving Meals To Hurricane Sandy Victims. Speaks On His Turkey Day Plans

50 Cent teamed with the Food Bank for New York City, SMS Audio, the Food Network and Feeding America to host a special Thanksgiving dinner for victims of Hurricane Sandy and those in need at the “Our Table Is Yours” event at Cipriani Restaurant in downtown Manhattan, New York on Wednesday November 21st.

The G-Unit boss spoke with MTV News at the event.


I’m able to provide meals for victims of Sandy or other people in New York City that don’t actually have food,” he told MTV News. “[Hunger,] it’s a world issue, it’s not a third-world issue. One in six Americans are actually going hungry. You got kids that’s surviving based on their school lunch and more than one out of five kids are experiencing hunger.”


T.I Free Concert in Memphis

Thousands packed the Southland Mall parking lot Tuesday for a free concert by rapper T.I. and a chance to give back to others.

The thirty minute concert was filmed as part of the season finale to T.I.’s reality show, “T.I. and Tiny: Family Hustle.”

It was also a way to give back to the community. Concert-goers donated more than 500 pounds of food to the Mid-South Food Bank, while others donated a new toy for the City of Memphis toy drive.

T.I. says it’s important to help others and to mentor the youth of Memphis.

Mayor A C Wharton gave T.I. the city to the city and cuff links to thank him for his community support.