Back in April, classmates in Houston, TX rallied together to make 15-year old terminal brain cancer patient Kennedy Brown’s, biggest wish come true.  According to XXL Magazine, her classmate, Payton Campbell, went to her local TV station and requested, “We would ask all of your viewers to (tweet) #DrakeForKen so we can get him to come see her or send something for her because that would mean the world to her.” It did not take long before Toronto rapper, Drake saw the tweets and made Kennedy’s wish come true with a surprise visit, a few days later.
Sadly, Kennedy Brown lost her battle with brain cancer earlier this month on July 19th, according to ABC13 News. However, it was great that Drake was able to make her biggest wish come true before she passed.
Take a look at the pictures Drake posted of his visit with Kennedy on his Instagram page below.
Kennedy & Classmates_DrakeIG
Drake and Kennedy3
Drake and Kennedy1
Drake and Kennedy2
 Drake and Kennedy4
Drake and Kennedy5
Drake and Kennedy6