Fans Compete To Win A Day With The Star And A Chance To Debut In A Song With Her

Englewood Cliffs, NJ (February 28, 2008) “Chicken Noodle Soup Wit a Soda on the Side,” became the summer anthem of 2006. Young B from Harlem, the same artist who sold over 800,000 ring tones and who single “Chicken Noodle Soup” became a top hit landing at #45 on Billboard Hot 100 Chart, presents Young B Reality “Lights, Camera, Action” DVD Series. Viewers will be able to see footage of her as she prepares to launch her new album, get a record deal, graduate from high school and still have time to hang out with her fans.

Young B looks to the future and presents her own reality DVD Young B Reality “Lights, Camera, Action.” Young B reality DVD series is an opportunity for her to become closer with her fans and allow them to ask questions about the music business or just hang out and have fun. In order to be considered the opportunity to hang out with Young B contestants have to submit a description on how they would spend their day with her.

While cameras are rolling, attitudes fly and the reality of being in the music industry kicks in for this young artist. Young B will still find time to grant three of her biggest fans the opportunity to hang out with her for a day. Young B will have to choose From 6 contestants. The contestants will be broken down into A and B finalist who will be home on the same day and same time.

If Young B shows up at the home of one of the contestants, this person will be the winner for that day. She will hang out with the winner and do whatever they would like to do, hang with friends, bowling, dinner, movies, etc. The cameras will follow them around and the final footage will be on the Young B Reality “Lights, Camera, Action” DVD Series at the end of every month.

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