Rapper Flo Rida donates time and money to help the underprivileged kids of his hometown in MiamiNot every hip-hop rapper who’s made millions in the entertainment business blows all the money on booze and babes at clubs.

Rapper Flo Rida is proving he’s a real role model for underprivileged Miami kids who need sports equipment and a safe place to play.

The Miami native, along with NFL stars Vernon Carey, Samari Rolle and Brandon Harris, have donated thousands of dollars to support a team in the National Youth Football League.

That keeps hundreds, if not thousands, of boys and girls off the mean streets of Miami. And, who knows? Maybe a future NFL superstar is in the making.

According to the Miami New Times, Flo Rida and his buddies have donated money, and, more importantly, their valuable time, to the league.

Those donations have made it possible for the boys to have high-quality gear for their protection, and for the girls to form their own cheerleading squads.

It’s not what most people would expect from a hip-hop mogul and superstar, since the images in most rap videos are usually not what anyone would call life-affirming.

It’s a pleasant contradiction for a rap artist. This is one case where actions speak much louder than words.