Sport’s analyst and Former NBA Star Jalen Rose’s charter school, Jalen Rose Leadership Academy (JRLA), held it’s inaugural graduation ceremony this year in Detroit, Michigan. Jalen Rose founded the academy in 2011 and still works very hard to provide private scholarship funds. The academy was able to raise and gift over $2.1 million in partial academic scholarships for the graduates.

It is obvious that JRLA has succeeded, due to the fact that 100% of the graduating glassed has been accepted into college, trade/technical school, or the military. Although, the students have graduated, one of the academy’s commitments is to stay involved with the students as they pursue future endeavors.
Big_Sean JRLA Graduation
The class of 2015 received a big surprise, when former Detroit Piston Isiah Thomas and Detroit hip-hop artist Big Sean showed up to share a few words at the graduation ceremony.  “I feel like we can do anything because our city has gone through so much. We have seen the bottom and we have seen the top. No matter what, we are going to be who we are and find a way to survive….When you say you are from Detroit, hold your head up high.” Big Sean shares. Isiah Thomas also had some very positive words to share with the students as well as commending Jalen Rose for his efforts. “Your job, your responsibility as leaders, is to make sure you leave the door open,” he said. “Jalen Rose thank you for opening that door.