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Positive American Youth’s 7th Annual PAYDAY Event

The Positive American Youth’s 7th Annual PAYDAY event took place on September 20, 2014 at the Atlanta Metropolitan College Gymnasium with over 4,500 attendees. The event included a free soccer camp for kids, basketball camp with over 200 participants, and a celebrity basketball game. Some of the celebrities in attendance were former NBA player Steve “Francise” Francis, rapper K-Camp, hit-producer Zaytoven and many more.

Learn out more and check out pictures from the 7th PAYDAY event here.




(Photo Credit: Brandon Curry/Instagram)

VH1 Rocks and DTP records present “ATL: The Untold Story of Atlanta’s Rise in the Rap Game”













VH1 Rocks and DTP records present “ATL: The Untold Story of Atlanta’s Rise in the Rap Game”. The documentary features interviews with key and influential artists, entertainers, personalities, tastemakers and more, on ATLs movement up the rap ladder.

July Edition of ATL #HipHopTownHall – REAL Hip Hop [Video]

The #HipHopTownHall is a monthly event that brings together members of the Hip Hop community in Atlanta,GA to discuss various topics as they pertain to Hip Hop, the business, music, culture and more.  The monthly gathering takes place at +Omen Agency (299 Peters St.), hosted by Journalist, Renee Gardner (@ReneeTheG) and “HEAVYweight” Hip Hop host and brand ambassador, Fort Knox (@FORTKNOXLIVE).

This month’s debate and discussion centered around “What is REAL Hip-Hop” and what is its place and importance in 2014.  Check the insight and valuable conversations that took place and were recorded.  Thanks to for streaming and uploading the event.

Hip Hop Appreciation Week 2014 (Atlanta)

Hip Hop Appreciation Week 2014 is taking place May 19th – 25th and being celebrated by Hip Hop all over the globe.  This is especially true for Atlanta as the kickoff of the annual week began with the Proclamation for Hip Hop Appreciation week presented by Atlanta City Hall on Friday, May 16th.  Several influential members of Atlanta’s Hip Hop community were present to accept the proclamation and represent, including Jason Orr, Stacy Epps, Abyss, DJ Kemit, Minister Server and many more. HHAW Proclamation Atlanta











There are several events going on throughout the city of Atlanta during the week including the Zulu Gatekeepers’ #DIY Youth Day taking place Saturday, May 24th at Seeds Global 1211 Joseph E.Boone Blvd. Atlanta 30314 from 12-8PM.  They’ll be putting on workshops on flute instrumentation, boxing, sewing, storytelling, B-Boy & B-Girl and gardening.














Hip Hop Appreciation Week is an opportunity to be a supporter of Hip Hop’s Culture, not just an exploiter of Hip Hop’s arts. The Temple of Hip Hop teaches that the true preservation of Hip Hop must include the preservation of Hip Hop’s people, not just its products and artifacts. This is why Hip Hop Appreciation Week is so important to Hip Hop’s further development; it is because Hip Hop Appreciation Week is an event that gives average everyday Hiphoppas an opportunity to make some money, teach some young people, and enjoy some real Hip Hop; basically preserving the Culture by BEING the Culture.

Hip Hop Appreciation Week not only allows real Hiphoppas to promote their own concerts, lectures, workshops, art exhibits and cultural conferences, in their own communities raising money and opportunities for themselves and their families, but it also calls upon Hip Hop’s artists as well as those corporate entities that make money exploiting “hip-hop” to give back to the culture that has given them so much.


Photo Courtesy of: Angus Prospere (LiveWyrePictures)

For more information about Hip Hop Appreciation Week, visit the official FB page

– Konata J. #HHGB

T.I. and Jeezy Give Back for Christmas

T.I. and Jeezy presented “Tis the Season for Giving” which they provided Christmas gifts for over 1600 underprivileged kids in Atlanta.

T.I. & Young Jeezy ‘Tis the Season for Giving’

Presented by the Music Education Group in partnership with Fulton County Human Services, this great event continues the legacy of giving back to the community by both T.I. and Jeezy, respectively.

– @Konata_J