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The Carter’s Giving Back: Beyonce’ & Jay-Z Donate 15 Million to Haiti



It’s seems like the Knowles family is killing it in every lane from Beyonce’ over-the-top Formation World Tour, to Jay-Z’s Tidal success, and now philanthropy! The Knowles’ recently donated 15 million dollars to Haiti after Hurricane Matthew. It’s safe to say that most of the Jay & B’s moves are made in silence, but I think this is one that deserved some noise!

Haiti, a country with geographic disadvantages that makes them susceptible to natural disasters, just suffered from thousands of lives lost and land damaged due to Hurricane Matthew. Instead of just talking about it, the Knowles’ put the money where their mouth is. In addition to Haiti, the Knowles’ recently financially supported movements such as Black Lives Matter in the fight for freedom, justice, and equality in the U.S.

The Knowles’ family is setting a great example for many stars within the Hip-Hop community, as we become some of the lead activist in the country and fight on the forefront with our words, messages, and now dollars.

Nation of Islam Promises to Provide Protection at Beyonce’s Formation World Tour


(Photo from Counter Current News)

Beyonce is back at it again. Earlier this month, she shocked the world and her fans by releasing a video for her new Black power pop anthem, ‘Formation’. The ‘Formation’ video sparked lots of controversy, due to lyrics and imagery that spoke directly towards her Blackness and stance on current political issues such as #BlackLivesMatter. She sings about “liking her baby with baby hair and afros” and “mixing that negro with that Creole to make a Texas bama”. The video even ends with an important image of Beyonce laying on top of a police car while it’s sinking in the Bayou of Louisiana. Days after the release of the video, Beyonce performed her hit at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, where her backup dancers were dressed as Black Panthers, threw up the Black power fist, and topped it all off with a ‘Formation’ world tour announcement.

Like the ‘Formation’ video, the performance at the Super Bowl caused just as much conversation. Many sources and critics didn’t know how to handle Beyonce embracing her blackness so they attacked her, by saying her performance was “racist”, menacing and a threat to the police. The outcome of her performance caused a boycott from several police departments such as ones in Miami, Tampa, and Tennessee. These departments are refusing to provide services and purchase tickets to Beyonce’s tour when it comes to their cities.

In response to these boycotts, the honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has vowed for the Nation of Islam to provide protection at Beyonce’s Formation tour. During the keynote speech at The Nation of Islam’s Saviour’s Day 2016, Farrakhan states “You’re gonna picket, you’re not gonna offer police protection, but the FOI will.” Farrakhan’s support of Beyonce is a great example of how ‘Formation’ isn’t really a song for everyone. In 2016, A Black artists, especially one like Beyonce shouldn’t be denied security due to capitalizing on their heritage and culture through artistry. All of the negativity circulating about the song and video are from those who do not understand it. By Beyonce celebrating her Blackness, she gets ridiculed by the same outlets who speak highly of her when she is performing other songs about love, heartache, and girl power. 

Beyonce’s Formation World Tour tickets are on sale now (good luck on finding those), and there are rumors of even more music and videos from Beyonce dropping in the near future!


By: Eboni Dawn (@ebbonitapplebum)

Jay Z & Beyonce’ Make BIG Statements this Black History Month; $1.5 Million Donation & More!


Jay Z and Beyonce’ have had a week full of politically charged statements, charitable donations, and public backlash. This is in stark contrast to what many criticized as silence and seeming disinterest from hip hop’s first couple. Jay Z, however, has been making quite a few moves behind the scenes dating all the way back to Tidal’s first concert in October 2015.

Beyonce Donates $7 Million to Homeless in Houston

According to the Huffington Post, over the past few years Beyonce has donated a total of $7 million in her hometown of Houston, TX at the Knowles-Temenos Place Apartments. This all began in 2007, a couple of years after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. The apartments have space to house 43 homeless individuals. This facility provides meals, job training, HIV/AIDS testing, and case management services. Their goal is to help residents reach full self-sufficiency. Houston has definitely progressed in its efforts against homelessness and it looks like Beyonce has done her part to chip in!


Beyonce Joins Gucci to Chime for a Change; Champions Women’s Rights!

ChimeForChange_V_28Feb13_pr_b_1080x720_zpsb091079fSinger Beyonce Knowles, actress Salma Hayek and Gucci creative director, Frida Giannini, arrived at the intersection of looking good and doing good Thursday, armed with a stylish new Facebook page and a two-and-a-half minute video spot announcing their new female empowerment campaign, Chime for Change.

“The initiative aims to raise funds and awareness in support of projects for girls and women around the world, through sharing ‘powerful stories’ about inspiring females,” wrote’s Sarah Karmali, who noted that further details of the campaign were slated to be announced by Hayek at the TEDxWomen luncheon at Bryn Mawr College Thursday.

The project — thought up by Hayek and Giannini, according to Vogue — features a series of ten short films, narrated by Hayek and set to new music by Knowles, and tell the inspirational stories of women across the globe.  Beyonce joins in with a ton of  top female celebrities including: Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Jada Pinkett Smith, Francois-Henri Pinault, Gordon, Sarah Brown and Arianna Huffington.

According to Vogue, Gucci has been supporting women’s rights movements for years, including a seven-year partnership with UNICEF in support of girls’ education, while Hayek has taken on causes ranging from maternal and neonatal tetanus to human trafficking.

Beyonce“I have always felt strongly about equal opportunity for women… It’s up to us to change the statistics for women around the world,” Beyonce told Vogue of her latest good deed.

Through its partner Catapult, Chime for Change encourages people throughout the world to support girls’ and women’s projects in a personalized, individual way. The company enables citizen philanthropy and is the first crowd-funding platform dedicated to advancing the lives of girls and women.

Catapult connects Chime for Change community members directly to organizations and projects focused on the causes that matter most to them, and currently represents over 50 organizations in 38 countries