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HHGB Co-Founder Feeds A Family for Thanksgiving

DJ Knotts unites with Big Rec of Real Hip Hop Is Back to provide Thanksgiving dinner for a family of 12.

Fruit 4 Thought…..Have Some!

The importance of “Love” in the child world

In today’s society it’s important to say and show our children how much we love them. However, depending on how we were raised at time, it is difficult to express our love to our children.

Can we mold our children’s behavior by showing as much affection and sensitivity to their feelings and most importantly “LOVE”?

I was raised by parents who had difficulty saying “I love you” but they showed their “love” by providing my siblings and me a roof over our heads, food on the table and clothes on our backs. This is how they were raised therefore they applied their culture, morals and a little touch of what they would do different from their childhood experiences.  This method helped them believe that they raised us to their best of their ability. **In that time period it was sufficient but then we grow up having difficulty saying the “L” word.  We never grew up with that kind of affection. My husband and I have the privilege of raising our two sons with a touch of our culture and a little of new technique that will help increase and sustain their self- esteem. The magic technique is “Love.”  Yes, love, agape love, amour, amore in any language, however you like it to be. I’m grateful for being close to the Higher power. It’s helped me mature and gave me the ability to understand my parents and their parenting. Their parenting skills helped me embrace and easily welcome motherhood in my life. I have the opportunity to continue the legacy of my culture of raising my children with a little touch of today greater needs  “love” in a child world.  It’s challenging to raise boys in today’s society. I try my best to shower them with love and by not only telling them, but showing them the importance on how to love and respect self and others. Showering them with love will reinforce the magnitude of greater expectation for self and others and never settle for less.


We are all aware that the theory of raising a child from the past doesn’t apply in today society, children are face with so many obstacles and challenges. However a good old fashion child raising can come a long way in today society. Therefore parents cannot afford withholding their affection because it will produce insecurity. Children cannot have insecurity issue because they will not survive in today’s world. Our children need to be strong inside and out.  The love and support of their parents will encourage them to reach their goal and confront  any obstacle with their head held high.


We know now it is not enough, therefore, can  we change this?  We forget on the importance of Love, the word Love is presented in different ways ( e.g. you  can say the word; you shower individual with goods or gifts; and it could be nonverbal gesture).  All these gestures are difficult. I believe  when an individual  growing up without hearing the word “I love you ” from your parent has a potential to put a huge hinderance in your relationship with not only   your children but spouse, siblings and friends.


Affection, loving and sentimental relationship with our children is crucial in our children world. Unfortunately the economy has put a huge told in our house whole.  When your house whole is affected by the economy we have tendency to have less affection and more altercation with our spouse.  Therefore, children witness the tension and less affection shared among each other.  Children feed from the love that parents have from each other.  When they witness sadness and altercation children bring those behavior in their world , especially at school.  Now are task is to be aware of our behaviors because no matter what we go though children Love and affection is as innocent and fragile as new born baby.


Can we put aside our selfish  behavior and put ” LOVE” first ?
Marjory F.  @Fruit4thought

Ludacris Relaunches Children’s Educational Website with the Help of His Daughter!

Philanthropist, rapper, father, grammy award winning artist, actor Chris “Ludacris” Bridges gets kids in gear as they head back to school with a little help from his ten year old daughter. The website has all new songs and artwork. The website originally launched in December of 2011 and earned much notoriety. Mr. Bridges announced the re-launching of the website right in time for the back to school rush to get kids back in the learning spirit; the site is sure to be a big help. teaches children from grades 1 to 3 and 4 to 6 academic lessons about math, science and geography, as well as ethical and social issues like manners, honesty and kindness, through original songs, games and stories. The lesson plans were created with the help of teaching professionals.

The story wouldn’t be complete if I hadn’t visited the website and its pretty neat. It starts off with an introduction and goes into a song about Karma with a seamless transition into learning about the United States and the seven continents. The website was Ludacris’s  daughter, Karma’s idea; be sure to check it out with your kids today!

About Karma’s World The result is Karma’s World, which upholds the standards that Chris set. It is a site that encourages children like Karma to learn in an atmosphere of fun, offering academic lessons as well as ethical ones. It teaches the Golden Rule: how to treat others the way you would want to be treated. It teaches an understanding of karma: how doing good deeds can bring good into your life. It shows the importance of manners and the rewards of hard work. It reflects Chris’ belief that the habit of working joyously from the heart opens the door to children for a lifetime of meaningful success.

About Karma

Karma Bridges is a third grader who lives in Atlanta,