Talib Kweli on MSNBC

Always a well respected and looked to voice and forward thinker of the culture, Talib Kweli  joined the Dream Defenders http://dreamdefenders.org/and the continuing protest of Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law in person and online on social media websites under the hash tag #TakeOverFL.  The sit-in in the Tallahassee began on July 16th, 2013 and has continued to grow in strength, size and momentum drawing support from Harry Belafonte, Jesse Jackson, Biko Baker and more.  The Dream Defender platform is actually three-fold which Kweli re-iterated on MSNBC when being interviewed by Craig Melvin.

The Dream Defenders movement wants the Stand Your Ground law repealed, racial profiling banned, and for state legislators to review zero tolerance policies in schools.



For more information on Dream Defenders on how you become a part, support the movement visit http://dreamdefenders.org/takeoversupport/

“when i see young people putting their bodies and their lives on the line to do that i feel it’s my obligation not just as an artist but human being as a man to support this.” ~ Talib Kweli

The Dream Defenders will continue the sit-in as well as spotlight key dates in the upcoming weeks on the political calendar beginning Monday, August 12,2013.



Hip Hop Gives Back fully supports the Dream Defenders movement and will continue to spread the word and provide support online and in-person at upcoming events.

Source: www.dreamdefenders.org, www.msnbc.com