headerThis Summer join Power 105.1 and the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council for the 3rd Annual Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Week followed by 105 Power Events over 105 Power Days through the “7 E’s 4 Power” Tour created to help end gun & gang violence.

Our Goals
  1. To reduce Gun Murders and Shootings over the 96-hour Memorial Day Weekend Period, and between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day, with a focus on Public Housing.
  2. To build bridges with Gang Leaders that will lead to: the reduction of gun and gang violence; the reduction of recruitment of minors to join gangs; providing resources to gang members looking to start a new life.
  3. To establish Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Projects; train “Community Ambassadors 4 Peace” and organize “Solution Teams” to end gun and gang violence in schools and communities.
  4. To change the mental thought process of our participants who are desensitized to violence thanks to TV, films, videogames, the internet and music with negative lyrics.
  5. To teach our children, youth and young adults the reason why Hip-Hop was created and their social responsibility to the culture.
  6. To take guns off the street through new innovative gun buy-back projects while improving relations between law enforcement agencies and the community.
  7. To obtain 1,000,105 signatures for our Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Project over the 105-day campaign period.
  8. To find Corporate, Celebrity and Elected Official Partners for our School & Community Center Adoption Project that are willing to provide discounts on merchandise and services, as well as resources to empower students, youth and young adults year-round.
  9. To create partnerships with the United Nations and their 194 member countries to help reduce gun and gang violence by bringing services and resources to crime infested communities in America and abroad.
  10. To find and/or create funding opportunities that will allow us to operate and expand our program.