The biggest boss that you’ve seen thus far has taken his entrepreneurial success to another level. Miami-Dade rapper turned entrepreneur, Rick Ross has recently partnered with the Wingstop Foundation, a nonprofit leg of the chain resturant, in awarding scholarships to the youth within urban areas. With high school graduation rates among low-income students dropping as low as 74.6 percent in combination with the drop out rate among urban youth standing at 54 percent, Rick Ross believes that his scholarship initiative will combat these high dropout rates among students in big cities.

“To me, a company as huge as Wing Stop, we’ve seen so much success doing what we’re doing, let’s take it to the next level. Wingstop as a company came together and put together an urban scholarship that’s for the underprivileged, that’s educationally based.”

Although the scholarship will be targeted towards youth within urban areas who are in pursuit of higher education, the grant money will also be extended to Wingstop employees and groups working to lower drop out rates through education and mentoring.

“We need to bring all these ideas and concepts to the table and start as soon as possible.”

To apply, click the link below!

Rick Ross Wingstop

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